Rahm Emanuel Leads Poll Among Polish Voters in Chicago



(PAL-PAC) Chicago, IL. – A Polish-American political action committee in Chicago called PAL-PAC.org has just released the results from a poll it conducted among its thousands of members in the Chicagoland area. The question posed was “If the Chicago Mayoral election were today, which candidate would you vote for?” and it then listed the 5 major candidates as options as well as an option to select “undecided”.

The results of the poll were;

Sample Size = 500
Margin of Error = ± 4%
Jan 14th – Jan 16th

Rahm Emanuel = 41%
Robert Fioretti = 24%
Jesús “Chuy” García = 12% 
William “Dock” Walls = 3%
Willie Wilson = 3%
Undecided = 18%

The results of this particular poll show that Rahm Emanuel has a decisive lead on other candidates, but does not have a “50% +1” lead needed to stave off a run-off election in April unless he manages to secure more than 50% of the undecided vote.