PAL-PAC Announces 2014 Candidate Endorsements

The Polish-American Leadership Political Action Committee is proud to endorse the following candidates running for office in the upcoming election: Bruce Rauner for Governor; Bob Dold for U.S. Representative, 10th District; Dan Lipinski for U.S. Representative, 3rd District; Rod Drobinski for State Representative, 62nd District; James Pieczonka for Cook County Judge, 12th Subcircuit. PAL-PAC may announce additional endorsements in the future.

Each candidate was carefully vetted and interviewed to make sure their beliefs will align with what is best for Polish-American’s across Illinois and the United States. The candidate’s main opponents were also invited to our events and candidate forums in order to gain a better picture of the candidate and their opponent. With all this information, our final endorsements are located below.


Bruce Rauner at PAL-PAC Candidates ForumPAL-PAC believes that Bruce Rauner is the candidate for Governor who shares most of the ideals of the Polish-American community in Illinois including: reducing personal and corporate income taxes, controlling property taxes, reforming the government to increase efficiency and reduce spending, and lowering the cost of doing business in Illinois. Mr. Rauner’s success is admirable; as governor, he plans on implementing policies that would make it easier for everyone to be successful.

Mr. Rauner stated to PAL-PAC, “it is in our state’s interest to do everything we can to improve and expand the Illinois-Poland relationship”. Mr. Rauner wants to limit the terms of elected officials, an initiative that PAL-PAC believes will improve the political system in our State and make it more possible for Polish-Americans to be elected to office.

The Polish–American community cannot afford to re-elect Governor Quinn, who is currently under investigation for improper hiring practices and misusing funds from the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, who has driven this State into the worst financial shape than any state in our country, and whose policies have led Illinois to become the only state in the Midwest where unemployment has gone up in the last five years. Governor Quinn was also invited to all events and candidate forums that PAL-PAC hosted in the past two years. He attended none while Mr. Rauner attended every event. It is clear to us that Bruce Rauner is the clear choice for Governor for Polish-Americans.

DSC_8419Bob Dold deserves PAL-PAC’s endorsement because his plan is to “work for the establishment of a Polish Visa Waiver Program so that Polish business people and families can more easily visit the United States.” Mr. Dold also takes pride in being “one of the most independent, bi-partisan leaders in the U.S. House of Representative[s].” Mr. Dold shares a common sentiment of many Polish-American business owners: that placing more rules on businesses makes it more difficult for them to grow and succeed.

59470_115089741883136_6864853_nDan Lipinski has already done a lot for the Polish-American community. He is the Co-Chair of the Congressional Poland Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has been vocal in expressing his displeasure with President Obama’s decision not to proceed with the investment of a missile defense system in Poland. Mr. Lipinski was just awarded Legislator of the Year by the International Franchise Association for supporting a pro-business agenda. Congressman Lipinski has introduced and is co-sponsoring a number of bills that would reduce health care costs and make health insurance coverage more affordable.

DSC_8470A son of Polish immigrants, Rod Drobinski has served as a Lake County assistant state’s attorney for over ten years. He believes that providing a better life for future generations is a top priority. A champion of fiscal responsibility, Mr. Drobinski is aware that Governor Quinn’s 67% tax hike did not help the Illinois’ financial situation due to increased spending in this State. Mr. Drobinski is a proud Polish-American, who values the principles that inspired so many Poles to immigrate to the United States.

DSC_8157James Pieczonka has the legal experience necessary to become a Cook County judge. Mr. Pieczonka has been practicing as an attorney in Cook County for over 30 years and has served as an Administrative Law Judge for the Illinois Department of Revenue for over ten years. Mr. Pieczonka prides himself on being, impartial, independent, and productive.




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Rob Dold – 10th District of Illinois


Dan Lipinski – 3rd District of Illinois


Rod Drobinski for State Representative, 62nd District





James Pieczonka for Cook County Judge, 12th Subcircuit