New Amendment to Include Poland into the Visa Waiver Program

U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) offered an amendment to the fiscal year 2016 Homeland Security appropriations bill that would authorize the Secretary of Homeland Security to admit Poland as a program country under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

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We want to hear your opinion on the Illinois budget concerns!

The debate on the Illinois budget has hit a wall between Michael Madigan and Bruce Rauner. The only thing both sides can agree on is that Illinois is severely in debt and is the worst financially run state in the country.

Both sides offering differing solutions to the problem. Michael Madigan has proposed a budget that is $4 billion out of balance while making sure legislators get paid even without a budget. He also earmarked a $35 million dollar school in his district while Chicago schools are closing left and right. 

Bruce Rauner believes that Illinois cannot keep kicking the ball down the road and cuts to state programs are inevitable and a must. Just as private individuals need to cut their expenses when credit card debt becomes excessive, so does the State of Illinois. He also believes in freezing property taxes, calling for term limits for legislators, and reforming the workers compensation system.

We want to know from you…

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Bruce Rauner
Michael Madigan

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