List of Confirmed Candidates at PAL-PAC’s Candidates Forum

The Candidates Forum is fast approaching! On March 14th, PAL-PAC will host this special event where Polonia will meet political candidates running during this primary season. The following list includes the candidates that have confirmed their attendance. It also includes their party affiliation and the position they are running for. This list will be updated with any new changes, so make sure to check back often!

The public will have a chance to ask questions to any of the candidates. To submit your questions to their candidates, please send an e-mail to

1. Anderson Dennis, Democrat Representative of 14th district

2. Balkema Chris, Republican 11th Congressional District Candidate

3. Brannigan Sharon , Republican GOP Candidate for U.S. Congress in District 3

4. Dillard Kirk, Republican Candidate for Governor

5. Dold Bob, Republican Representative of 10th district

6. Eidenberg Alexandra, Democrat Representative of 4th district

7. Goel Manju, Republican Representative of 8th District in Congress

8. Grogan Bob, Republican State Treasurer

9. Hardiman Tio, Democrat Lieutenant Governor

10. Hosta John J,  Democrat Represenative of 14th Congressional District

11. Hunter Mattie, Democrat 3rd District Senator Candidate

12. Lipinski Daniel, Democrat 3rd District Representative

13. Olsen Randall, Democrat 16th District Representative

14. Rauner Bruce, Republican Candidate for Governor

15. Rutherford Dan, Republican Candidate for Governor

16. Schimpf Paul, Republican Attorney General Candidate

17. Truax Douglas Lee, Republican US Senator Candidate

18. Wade Nancy, Green Party Candidate for 5th Congressional District

19. Zavala Jorge Gerardo, Democrat Congressman of the 4th Congressional District


Grab your seat for the Candidates Forum Below!