I’m a Democrat, why should I vote for a Republican like Bruce Rauner?

Good question.

As a bi-partisan organization, we understand how hard it is to vote for the other party.

But if you believe that Polish-Americans should be more respected in Illinois government, you can have a huge impact by voting together with us this election for Bruce Rauner.
Polonia has an amazing opportunity to show it’s political strength today at the polls.

Because the race this year is so close, we can show Springfield that Polish-Americans matter politically. By voting together for a candidate, pollsters, future candidates, the media, and Springfield will have to consider the Polish-American vote in future elections.


Still not convinced?

We carefully vetted Bruce Rauner before endorsing him as the candidate best for Polonia. But before we endorsed him, we invited Quinn to meet and discuss with Polish-Americans many times in the last few years.

Each time Quinn has ignored us.

Rauner, on the other hand, has pledged his future support for Polonia many times.

Quinn has completely ignored and even slighted Polish-Americans in the last couple years, Polonia cannot accept this. If we vote together today for Rauner, Springfield will have no choice but to start listening to us.

A vote for Rauner in this election is not for the Republicans, it’s for Polonia.