Did the Polish-American Vote Just Sway the IL Gubernatorial Race?


(PAL-PAC) Chicago, IL. – We think it may have been one of the deciding factors.

After Tuesday’s stunning victory by Bruce Rauner over incumbent Pat Quinn in the IL Gubernatorial race many pollsters are scratching their heads on how Rauner was able to win so soundly while their polls showed a slight Quinn advantage in the recent polls.

We have always believed that the polls have under-represented the Polish-American vote. Since it’s difficult to track who is a Polish-American or not, we don’t necessarily blame them. But we believe it was a large factor leading to Rauner’s victory, especially once the Polish-Americans were politically energized.

Pal-Pac, the Polish-American SuperPAC launched in 2012, has been engaging Polish-American’s into the race for governor since well before the primaries. They’ve held two candidate forums for Polonia, engaged Poles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and were the only ones to run political ads on Polish Television, Polish radio, and Polish newspapers and magazines leading up to this election.

Simply put, Polish-Americans were ready and hungry to go out and vote as soon as they could like never before. We believe that the results in Cook County show that this was the case. Cook County received over 20,000 more votes for the Republican challenger this time than 4 years ago. Exit polls showed no meaningful gains in any of the traditionally held demographics, which leads us to believe that the increase could very well be attributed to the energized Polish-American base.

It will be difficult for anyone to prove this concretely, but Pal-Pac and the Polish-American community can sure make a compelling case.

In the last year alone, Pal-Pac has engaged over 2,000,000 Poles on their hugely popular social media accounts, attracted over 100,000 unique Polish-American’s to their website, and most recently aired 100’s of Polish language advertisements in Polish media and television.

Of the 6 Democrats and Republicans Pal-Pac endorsed this election, 5 won their elections outright. These includes; Bruce Rauner for IL Governor, Rick Snyder for MI Governor, Bob Dold for U.S. Representative, Dan Lipinski for U.S. Representative and James Pieczonka for Cook County Judge.

With an astonishing record like that this election, Polish-Americans are sure to become even more mobilized next election cycle.

Did Quinn make a mistake by not seeking an endorsement and ignoring requests for meetings with the new the energized Polish-American base? We think so.

We believe that future candidates, the media, and pollsters will now have to take the Polish-American voice in Illinois a little more seriously.

One can only hope but if not, no big deal, this new politically informed Polonia isn’t going anywhere.


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Did the Polish-American vote sway the IL Gubernational election?