As an independent, bi-partisan, political organization, we are concerned with promoting issues that are important to the Polish-American community. The following are examples of specific issues that we support:

  • Enact federal legislation to grant visa-waiver status to Poland;

  • Engage Polish-Americans to vote in local, State, and Federal elections and participate in the overall political process;

  • Ease the costs and burdens of creating and operating businesses;

  • Place Polish-Americans in authoritative positions within our governmental agencies;

  • Identify and elect candidates for political office that will address the concerns of the Polish-American community;

  • Provide a vehicle for elected officials and candidates to efficiently and effectively reach the Polish-American community;

  • Educate the Polish-American community about hot-topic issues facing American politics and society.

Pal-Pac recognizes that these issues are dynamic and ever-changing, and we always encourage input from our members to determine what is important to them.