The Polish American Leadership Political Action Committee (“PAL-PAC”) is a political organization formed
for the purpose of addressing social, civic, and business interests of the Polish-American community in the
United States. Three general initiatives are utilized to accomplish this goal: education, issue advocacy, and

The organization educates Polish-Americans by informing them of current affairs that may affect their lives
and advises them on what they can do to influence the outcome of these affairs. PAL-PAC believes that
education is the primary focus of its purpose because individuals cannot be motivated to take action without
knowing what is important to them.

Issue advocacy is the advancement of concerns affecting the Polish-American community. PAL-PAC promotes
topics that positively impact Polish-Americans and condemns those that may be adverse to their values.

PAL-PAC understands that in order to make significant progress, the Polish-American community must
identify and select leaders that will represent its interests. Without a voice, Polish-Americans cannot be

For as long as the Polish-American community exists in the United States, PAL-PAC will work actively to support it.

Become part of the change by becoming a member of PAL-PAC today!